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British Art Workshop: 18th and 19th centuries

Organised in conjunction with the Faculty of Art History, University of Belgrade 30th June – 4th July 2014 Позивају се заинтересовани студенти свих година студија историје уметности са знањем енглеског језика да се пријаве за петодневну ваннаставну радионицу „Британска уметност (18-19.век)“ коју ће од 30.6. до 4.7.2014.на одељењу водити Кејт Гранджуан, историчарка уметности из… Read More ›

Cross-cutting Identities. William Hogarth: Painter, Print-Maker, Art Theorist

Faculty of Art History, University of Belgrade, Monday 28th April 2014 Abstract This major eighteenth-century British artist is a painter of multiple attachments and this lecture explores the interface between his simultaneous activities. Hogarth became famous as a portraitist and also as a satirist; he painted comedy and penned aesthetic theory. I approach these areas of artistic activity as mutually constitutive commercial projects and ask to what extent the fluid artistic identities that resulted… Read More ›

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Art historian of eighteenth century British art writing a book about depictions of the French in English graphic satire. Interested in art, satire, ethnicity and identity

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