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Cries of Yaoundé No 8

Hortense moved to Yaoundé aged 36 in 2002, as a single mother escaping field work and with ambitions to put her child in school.

Cries of Yaoundé No 7

Dylan sells peanuts. Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm

Cries of Yaoundé No 6

Tigana has been selling second-hand shoes for 10 years. He concentrates on the market for women and children.

Cries of Yaoundé No 5

For the past two years, Donald has been selling bedsheets and duvet covers. He wanted to be an athlete but now he’s a street seller.

Cries of Yaoundé No 4

Jordan is fifteen. He sells toothbrushes and toothpaste on the streets of Yaoundé.

Cries of Yaoundé No 3

‘My Yamo’ graduated with a bachelor’s degree in management accounting from the University of Yaoundé in 2017. He sells sweets and sees himself as an entrepreneur in a promising sector.

Cries of Yaoundé No 2

Loveline sells ‘Poisson Poulet’, a large smoked fish which when smoked and wrapped looks like chicken.

Cries of Yaoundé No 1

Ajah has a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Yaoundé. He sells Cola Nuts in the streets of Yaoundé.

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