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Cries of Yaoundé No 5

No 5: Donald

For the past two years, Donald has been selling bedsheets and duvet covers. He has BSc in sports science from the University of Yaoundé. He wanted to be an athlete but now he’s a street seller. He works from 7.30-6pm from Monday to Friday in the city centre. In the mornings he visits the hospitals. Demand in the maternity wards is high. Mothers like to buy new sheets to take home with their babies. He also sells mosquito nets for cradles and beds. An average he makes 4,000CFA (£5.50) profit on each sale. Prices hover around 6,000CFA (£8.25) per set. Average earnings per week are 80,000CFA (£110). In the afternoon, he works the streets around the ministries. Cars stop, people buy. He says it’s going well. In five years’ time he hopes to have a shop.

The minimum wage in the Cameroon is 36,270 CFA (£50) per month source:

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