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British Art Workshop: 18th and 19th centuries

Organised in conjunction with the Faculty of Art History, University of Belgrade

30th June – 4th July 2014

Позивају се заинтересовани студенти свих година студија историје уметности са знањем енглеског језика да се пријаве за петодневну ваннаставну радионицу „Британска уметност (18-19.век)“ коју ће од 30.6. до 4.7.2014.на одељењу водити Кејт Гранджуан, историчарка уметности из Британије. Двосатна излагања и рад са студентима везани су за следеће теме:

1. The Graphic Satire: Revolution to Revolution, 1689-1789: dealing with the visual identity of the satirical print; the functions of satire; its pictorial evolution into a widely disseminated caricature print; the relationship of this type of print culture to contemporary social and political issues.

2. The English Portrait: Forms and Functions in the 18th Century: focussing on the different types of group and individual portraits, from the kit-kat to the conversation piece culminating in the Grand Manner portraits of Gainsborough and Reynolds. Intersections with the bourgeois public sphere & the polite as well as with the development of public exhibitions and celebrity culture.

3. The Landscape Painted: starting with Richard Wilson, estate portraiture, land and power, moving into the aesthetics of the picturesque and Capability Brown, the Grand Tour, the market for topographical views and the development of watercolour art.

4. Public Life and Public Space: starting with the development of purpose-built leisure gardens like Vauxhall and Ranelagh (1730s); continuing with palladianism and town house to town planning, concluding with Nash and Regent’s Park

5. The Gothic Revival in Britain: starting with Pugin and Barry’ s Houses of Parliament, 1830 continuing with the Oxford University Museum (1855), moving into the Pre-Raphaelites and the arts and crafts of William Morris

Пријаве се шаљу до 25.6.2014. управнику одељења проф. Александру Кадијевићу на мејл адресу:

у Београду 4.6.2014.

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Art historian of eighteenth century British art writing a book about depictions of the French in English graphic satire. Interested in art, satire, ethnicity and identity

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